Hold The Line: The American Revolution…by Worthington Games

Last year, I invested in the Kickstarter for the relaunch by Worthington Games of the classic American Revolutionary War game, Hold the Line.

Hold The Line Box Front The game was a little delayed in it’s release, but finally made it to my door step via the U.S. Postal Service on Dec 26, 2016.  A few days later, I took opportunity to open it up, unbox all the parts, put stickers on the figures, and get everything ready to play. Unfortunately, we were gearing up for a move to another state, and so it went into storage soon after.

Last night, I finally had the chance to get it out and look it over again.  I decided to pick out a scenario and put it through it’s paces over the next week. It doesn’t really take a week to play, but I have so little time at the moment, I thought I would just work through a turn or three each over the next several days.  As I do, I’ll do my best to give an overview of outcomes and post results as I go along.

Feel free to follow the battle as it unfolds!  Once completed, I’ll give a final reflection on mechanics, game play, and any other musings that come to mind.


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