Welcome To Wargames, Etc.

Advance the colors, 2014I was late to the party. It was 2010, and I was in my early 40’s before I really discovered miniature wargames. Sure, I had played Stratego and Risk as a kid (and loved them both), and I had heard of Axis and Allies, but I was not really aware of the broader wargaming community and the vast variety of games just waiting to be discovered.

I was becoming good friends with another guy in my little town and as we got to know each other, he invited me to a gaming day that he hosted in a building that was part of our city parks department. I had no idea how that day would expose me to a whole new world. Fifty or so people gathered from morning ’til night, playing games that re-enacted battles from through history: the civil war, Pearl Harbor, WW1 dogfights, old west skirmishes, and more!  There were sci-fi battles, pirate ships, and pulp era gangster battles.  Before the day ended on that cold February Saturday, I was hooked.

Historicon 2011That summer, I attended Historicon, the flagship convention of the Historical Miniature Gaming Society, Return to Roswell - cybermenrunning my own set of rules and showcasing my burgeoning terrain building skills.  In the years that followed, I’ve taken part in all kinds of gaming adventures and I’m still scratching the surface.

In the last year, my family moved to the middle of America, and I’m having to find new gaming friends and opportunities. That’s going to take some time. Currently, we are renting a house and only time will tell where we will firmly settle.  That means 95% of my stupidly large gaming collection will likely remain boxed for a while.  But tonight, I got out one of the miniature board games I finally acquired over the Christmas holidays and started to play. The Mrs. took pity on me and joined in for the first half-hour which was super gracious!

In the end, it left me inspired to start this blog as a way of exploring the games I’m playing and/or creating.  Feel free to poke around and I’ll do my best to add some content as I’m able. There are lots of other priorities in the way, so no promises on how much I’ll post, but this could be fun.  Leave a comment and say “Hi!” to let me know you’re reading along.

Here’s to something new!


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