Hold The Line: Battle At Brandywine, Turns 3, 4, 5 & 6

This post reflects the continued battle report from the Battle at Brandywine, Sept. 11, 1777 using Worthington Games “Hold The Line.” Click here to read about TURNS 1 and 2.


As the turn begins, General Howe’s forces arrive on the left side of the battlefield. Washington is now significantly out-numbered, though he has a little time before the bulk of the emerging British battalion will be able to make firing range.  The challenge now will be how to hold them off long enough to buy time to escape.  Again, per the scenario victory conditions, the first side to gain 7 Victory Points wins. However, if the Americans can hold out for 22 turns, the win will be theirs. With Howe’s troops entering the scene, the start of the third turn now looks like this:

Brandywine Turn 3

Despite the arrival of Howe, the British again roll poorly and start the turn with just 4 Action Points.

  • Actions 1 and 2: Howe’s Dragoons advance two spaces and fire on the American Dragoons.  The attack is successful and the American unit is eliminated. 1 Victory Point for the British!
  • Action 3: Knyphausen’s stand-alone Elite Infantry fires on a reduced American Infantry Unit and causes another casualty! The American unit now stands at just 1MP.
  • Action 4: Regular Infantry with Kyphausen fires on the same American Infantry. Again, attack is successful, and the unit is eliminated; equals another Victory Point for the British!

Initiative shifts to the American forces whose command roll also equates to 4 Action Points.

  • Actions 1 and 2: General Greene, his attached Infantry unit, and an adjoining Infantry Units all turn around and advance 1 hex toward Howe’s forces.
  • Action 3: Greene’s Infantry unit that had been combined with Artillery leaves its entrenchment and advances left towards Howe’s forces.
  • Action 4: Washington’s Artillery at Chad’s ford fires on opposing British Artillery, but misses.

Here’s the overview of the battlefield at the end of Turn 3 (British = 2 V.P.; Americans = 0)…


British command roll again allows for just 4 Action Points.

  • Actions 1 and 2: Howe’s Dragoons ride into woods directly in front of Greene and his attached Infantry. Ranged Fire is ineffective, but forces a check for leader casualty. Green passes the check.
  • Action 3: Howe and his attached Light Infantry unit move two hexes forward.
  • Action 4: Howe’s adjacent Light Infantry unit also moves forward two hexes.

American command roll allows for 5 Action Points.

  • Action 1: Greene’s infantry unit fires into the woods at the British Dragoons resulting in 1 casualty.
  • Action 2: Washington’s Artillery continues it’s volley on the opposing Artillery.  Again, completely misses the target.
  • Action 3: Militia fire on the same target.  Also miss.
  • Action 4: Greene’s Artillery moves 1 hex toward the flanking British.
  • Action 5: Washington’s entrenched Infantry fires on Knyphausen’s attached Elite Unit. The unit is unaffected, but Knyphausen must face a casualty check, which he passes.

At the end of Turn 4, Americans have forced another British casualty, but still have not scored a Victory Point.

Brandywine Turn 4


It turns out that the British cannot catch a break with their command rolls, and once again start the turn with 4 Action Points.

  • Action 1: Wooded Dragoons open fire on American artillery. The attack is devastating and the unit is eliminated, earning the British another Victory Point.
  • Actions 2 and 3: Howe’s Artillery and combined Infantry advance 1 hex.
  • Action 4: Knyphausen’s Artillery fires at its American counterpart but no hits are achieved.

American command roll renders 6 Action Points!

  • Action 1: Greene fires at wooded Dragoons to no avail.
  • Action 2: American Infantry adjoins the wooded Dragoons.
  • Action 3: Additional Infantry under Greene’s command moves forward 1 hex, flanking the Dragoons from the right and facing down advancing Light Infantry with Howe.
  • Action 4: Washington’s Artillery continues to fire on opposing Artillery, finally forcing a casualty!
  • Action 5: Militia again fire on the same target with no result.
  • Action 6: Entrenched Infantry fire on British Elites with Knyphausen. No effect.

At the end of TURN 5: British = 3 V.P.   Americans = 0

Brandywine Turn 5


British start the turn the turn with another Command roll.  Can you guess the result? Ugh!

  • Actions 1 and 2: Dragoons leave the woods and shift left, flanking Greene’s right-most Infantry unit, but the attack is ineffective.
  • Action 3: Howe and his Light Infantry unit fire on the same American Infantry directly in front of them. Also ineffective.
  • Action 4: Knyphausen’s Elites fire on entrenched Infantry and inflict 1 casualty.

Americans make their command roll and receive 6 Action Points!

  • Action 1: American Infantry returns fire on Dragoons. Dragoons are eliminated. Americans get 1 Victory Point.
  • Action 2: Greene and his attached unit move into the woods.
  • Action 3: Washington’s Artillery continues.  This time the hits make contact, but the target space still has the remains of both an Artillery and an Infantry unit. The Infantry unit absorbs the hit and is eliminated, creating another American Victory Point.
  • Action 4: Wooded Militia fire on the same space, now with only Artillery remaining. Hit is effective! Americans receive another Victory Point!
  • Action 5: Left-most Infantry Unit near Greene moves forward, left, behind hillside.
  • Action 6: 2nd Artillery Unit with Washington fires on British Elites with Knyphausen, but the attack misses.

At the end of Turn 6, Americans have retaliated and shored up their position, but still face very difficult odds moving forward. Sides are tied at 3 V.P. each.

Brandywine Turn 6a

More to come


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