Hold The Line: Battle at Brandywine, Turns 7 – 10

This is the third post describing the game play for the Battle at Brandywine from Worthington Games “Hold the Line.” Click these links to see part one or part two.

In the previous turn, the Americans made great progress, earning 3 Victory Points to match the British total.  However, they remain greatly outnumbered. Can they continue their victory streak in the face of great opposition? Can they hold out until turn 22 and thereby escape from the British force? Let’s proceed…


The British continue their low rolling streak and again begin with 4 Action Points.

  • Action 1: Knyphausen’s Dragoons leave the woods on the right side of the battlefield and slide forward and right to the board edge, avoiding Washington’s troops and intending to eventually flank Greene from the rear.
  • Action 2: Howe’s Artillery advances 1 hex left.
  • Actions 3 and 4: Two of Howe’s Infantry at the top of the board advance 1 hex toward the Victory Point locations.

The Americans continue to demonstrate strong command rolls and once again utilize 6 Action Points.

  • Action 1: Greene and his attached Infantry fire on the advancing Artillery and produce 1 casualty.
  • Action 2: Adjacent Infantry fire at Howe and his Light Infantry, resulting in 1 casualty.
  • Action 3: Greene’s other Infantry advances 1 hex and moves to a hilltop.
  • Actions 4 – 6: Washington and his attached Infantry, along with two additional Infantry units, turns around and advances toward Howe’s forces in an effort to protect the back road escape route (marked by the 3 Victory Point tokens at the top of the board).

At the end of Turn 7, despite a couple of British casualties, the sides remain tied at 3 Victory Points each.


The low rolling streak for the British finally breaks as they start the turn with 6 Action Points.

  • Action 1: Light Infantry advances two spaces up and occupies a hilltop.
  • Action 2: Howe leaves his current unit of Lights and joins the other who just took the hilltop.
  • Action 3: Washington’s Dragoons continue to advance across the bottom of the battlefield, moving three spaces.
  • Action 4: Light Infantry fires at American Infantry, but all shots miss.
  • Action 5: Howe’s Artillery fires at Greene and his Infantry in the woods. The canon fire misses, but a check for a leader casualty is forced.  Greene is wounded, but not yet killed!
  • Action 6: Elite Infantry on the left moves forward 1 hex.

The American roll equals 5 Action Points.

  • Action 1: Infantry unit from the hilltop at the bottom of the battlefield fires on the lone Artillery exposed in the open. Two sixes are rolled, so the unit is destroyed in overwhelming gun fire. This becomes the American’s 4th Victory Point!
  • Action 2: Greene’s attached Infantry fires on British Light Infantry and forces a casualty.
  • Action 3: Adjacent Infantry fires at the same target and finishes the unit off.  Americans now have 5 Victory Points!
  • Action 4: Washington’s Artillery fires at Regular Infantry to no avail.
  • Action 5: Infantry adjacent to Washington advances into the woods.

At the end of Turn 8, the tide has shifted. Americans have 5 Victory Points; British remain at 3.


British forces start the turn with 6 Action Points.

  • Actions 1 and 2: Howe and his Lights come off the hill and advance two spaces into the woods, right next to a need Victory Point marker.
  • Actions 3-5: Knyphausen moves two units of Elites and one unit of Regulars into the Brandywine in an attempt to hopefully undermine Washington’s line.
  • Action 6: Knyphausen’s Artillery advances 1 hex.

Brandywine Turn 9a

Americans continue the turn with 5 Action Points.

  • Action 1: Washington’s 2nd artillery opens fire on the Elites resulting in two casualties.
  • Action 2: Entrenched Infantry fires on 2nd Elite Unit standing in the Brandywine. The unit suffers two casualties.
  • Action 3: Washington’s 1st Artillery fires at Regulars standing in the Brandywine. Two casualties are inflicted.
  • Action 4: Infantry entrenched with that same Artillery fire at the same target. One more casualty is inflicted, but the British unit still stands.
  • Action 5: Wooded Militia fire at Infantry two hexes away, but all shots miss.

So British take it on the chin during Turn 9, but stand their ground. No more Victory Points are earned by either side.


The British start turn 10 by dropping back to 4 Action Points.

  • Action 1: Knyphausen’s Artillery shoots at Washington’s Artillery and Infantry entrenched together. Infantry suffers a casualty.
  • Action 2: British Regulars fire at the same target. Infantry unit falls. British get their 4th Victory Point.
  • Action 3: Howe moves 1 hex forward and captures a Victory Point marker.  British now have 5 V.P.’s
  • Action 4: Elite unit standing in the Brandywine retreats one hex to join Knyphausen.

Brandywine Turn 10a

The American command roll results in 5 Action Points. Things are not looking good for the British!

  • Action 1: Washington’s 2nd Artillery fires at the Elite Unit in front of it. Amazingly, the unit is spared!
  • Action 2: Infantry unit entrenched with the Artillery fire at the same target, but still the unit survives!!
  • Action 3: Neighboring Infantry fire at the same target.  Unbelievably, all shots miss and the unit still stands!!!
  • Action 4: Washington’s 1st Artillery fires at Infantry Regulars standing in the Brandywine.  The unit is destroyed and the Americans earn Victory Point #6!
  • Action 5: From the woods in the upper center part of the battlefield, Infantry fires on Howe, but all shots miss.

At the end of Turn 10, the British are still in the battle but have reached a pivotal moment. Can they survive the next turn?  Score is now 6 to 5, in favor of the Americans.

Brandywine Turn 10b

Brandywine Turn 10c

Stay tuned for TURN 11


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