Bolt (re)Action

Once a month in the St. Louis area, the Big Muddy Historical Gaming Alliance hosts games on a Sunday at a store called Game Nite.  Typically, you can pick between three games that are run simultaneously.  Today featured a Napoleonics naval game (using Sails of Glory ships), a massive multi-board version of Axis and Allies, and a 28mm WWII miniatures game using the Bolt Action system by Warlord games.  If I would have thought about it, I would have tried to capture pics of each one. Alas, I was too distracted by the Bolt Action game that grabbed my attention.

I’ve been wanting to play Bolt Action for a few years, but it hadn’t worked out until now. Warlord Games (the parent company) is now featuring the 2.0 version of the game.  In addition, they’ve put out a variation called Konflict ’47 that introduces a sci-fi element in an extended war storyline.

Our game master today, Dave Shaffner (who always puts together amazing looking games and interesting scenarios), called his version of the game “Bolt (re)Action” because he included some of the game mechanic variations from Konflict ’47 into the Bolt Action rules. That meant that troops that were being attacked, or who witnessed enemy movement, could be afforded some “reaction” maneuvers, if those units had not already activated during the turn (something not typically allowed in Bolt Action).

The scenario presented a supply hut in Burma that the Chindit (British) forces had to defend against a sweeping Japanese force. There were four of us playing, and I served on the British side.  Despite some hard losses in the beginning, we were successfully able to hold the objective and stave off the attacking enemy.

Overall, I found this to be a great first introduction to the Bolt Action gaming system and really enjoyed the game. I liked the reaction addition and wondered if I would be annoyed by its absence in other Bolt Action games.

Here’s a few pics.  Check out Dave’s fabulous terrain!



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