Father’s Day 2017

Last week on Father’s day, my family went all out to honor me. I have such a great family, and I’m so thankful to God for them. They even graciously worked to indulge my wargaming hobby!  Here’s a run down of the day:

We started off with a great time and powerful message at Element Church (which also featured free shaved ice, bratwurst, and a car show after the service). We skipped out on the brats because we had made plans to eat at Cate Zone in St. Louis. Cate Zone serves authentic Chinese food like I found in Harbin, China, when I was there back in 2013. Delicious stuff, including:

  1. Fantastic wonton soup (so good!)
  2. Hot crispy fish (lots of peppers, but amazing!)
  3. Sweet and sour pork (but really more like guobaorou, famous in northeastern China and very hard to find here in the States)
  4. And honey sweet potatoes for dessert (Note: not sweet-potatoes, but potatoes rendered sweet by a honey glaze!)

Afterwards, we elected to play board games, and I selected the Doctor Who version of Risk. I had received it as a gift a couple years ago, but we had not gotten around to playing it as a family. The four of us acted as competing Dalek factions attempting to take over the world. I thought all was lost as my forces were slowly eliminated, but I hung on to my domination of the Australian continent and came on at the end with a massive swing through Asia to end up in 2nd place. The Mrs. decimated us all, however, and took the top spot! She’s a great gamer!


The end of the day featured gifts and the Doctor Who theme continued.  I received some lovely cards, the hard back edition of the Four Doctors comic story line from my son in Ohio (Thanks, Clark!), and a new Tardis mug from my wife (yay!). Then I opened a new Doctor Who game bundle from Warlord Games featuring the new Exterminate miniatures game and extension packs of additional Cybermen and Daleks!  Fantastic!  I stayed up late and built all the models.  Painting will have to come later.

As usual, an amazing day with my thoughtful and loving family!  Thanks everybody!





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